Vaping – Aspire Nautilus X Tank – Helpful Tips To Use Your Tank

Here are a few helpful tips when using your Aspire Nautilus X Tank:

Pressure build up in the tank can make it hard to toke at times (typically not long after having a full tank). Simple fix, just loosen the tank lid to release the pressure and you’ll see bubbles come out the coil, re-tighten the lid and you’re good to go.

The tank spitting juice can be caused by excess liquid in the coil. Another simple fix, cover the tip and vents with a tissue and flick your wrist, you should see juice on the tissue, repeat until no juice comes out. If you still have a problem then hold the button on the vape down without toking (approx 1 second). You should hear the sound change as the excess juice burns off and your good to go.

Preparing Coils (aka priming) – before installing a new coil, drip a few drops on both areas of exposed cotton wool, install, fill up the tank, replace the lid. Now open the vent and with the device off (do not push the button), draw air through the vape, repeat until you can hear a slightly bubbling of vapour in the coil. Ideally now leave to stand for a few minutes. Turn on the device, set the wattage lower than advised (10W is good). Start vaping, if there’s a burning or cotton wool taste then you haven’t drawn the juice through enough. When you’re happy the liquid’s coming though enough then work up the Wattage to your desired level, taking a few tokes at each increment. The ideal Wattage for each liquid depends on the liquid and your preferences, so start the wattage off low (10W) and work up until you find the sweet spot for that juice that you like the most.

Toking too frequently can make the tank overheat, you’ll get less vapour and an increased chance of burning your coil. If this happens try to allow more time between tokes.

If you experience any other issues with the tank I’d recommend checking the coil first, as it’s the part that’s most likely to have any issue.

Thicker (higher VG) liquids and juices with a high sugar or salt content typically shorten a coils life span, as well as vaping in cold weather. If you use the tank in cold whether I’d recommend using a rubber vape band around the tank to keep it insulated.

To prevent the coil coming out when removing the lid to refill, I’d recommend tightening the coil to the base slightly more than the lid to coil. This doesn’t work if thread wet.

By Andy Corby

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